What Drain Cleaning Method Is Best?

Does it seem like you have to deal with plumbing issues month after month? Do your drains move slowly most of the time? Do they seem to clog back up soon after you’ve removed some minor drain blockage?

It may be time to consider hydro jetting. Learn why drains clog up time and time again and how professional hydro jetting services can help in this guide.

Grease and Other Residue

Have you heard before that you’re not supposed to put fats, oils, and grease down the drain? Hopefully, you’ve done your best to avoid putting large amounts of grease down your drains. But some usually still manages to find a way down there.

Grease is one of the worst enemies of your drains.

  • As it moves along the pipe, it cools down, and this causes your pipes to narrow, in a sense, as the grease prevents wastewater from moving down the drains with ease.
  • Debris easily attaches to all this grease, meaning clogs form faster than if your drain lining was clean.

Why Other Drain Cleaning Methods Don’t Work

Most methods of clearing the drains don’t actually clean them.

  • Using a drain auger to remove a clog may get a large obstruction out completely. However, much of the buildup that allowed the clog to build up in the first place may be left behind.
  • And using chemical drain cleaners you find on store shelves just isn’t worth it. These chemical drain cleaners are toxic and can be dangerous! They also damage pipes, and they don’t actually clear out many sources of clogs—especially if they’re further down the pipes.

How Hydro Jetting Helps

Hydro jetting is different. It doesn’t remove just a piece of debris or a type of clog. It involves spraying a high-pressure hose in the pipes. This water pressure lifts grease and other residues from the sides of the drains, moving them to the drain and sewer and reducing the chances of clogs reoccurring.

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