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Plumbing Questions? See What Our Covina Plumbers Have to Say!

Ace Pelizon Plumbing is dedicated to providing you with high-quality plumbing services for your home or commercial property. However, we understand that there are some plumbing issues that you may want to check on your own first. We respect that and that is why we are here to answer some frequently asked plumbing questions to help you examine your plumbing system in a safe and correct manner. Just keep in mind that when you encounter any plumbing problems that seem too complex for you, our team of highly skilled Covina plumbers is just a phone call away.

How Do I Make My Drains Stop Smelling?

Have you been away for a long time? Or do you have an extra bathroom or sink that is not frequently used? Smelly drains occur when the water in the trap that blocks sewer odor evaporates as a result of not being used for an extended period of time. Run your faucet for a few minutes to clear the drain and refill the trap. In case you are not planning to use this fixture anytime soon, you may want to consider sealing this up until you decide to use it again. Our Covina plumbers can help you seal this fixture correctly so you won’t have to worry about a smelly drain again.

Why Is My Water Bill Suddenly So High?

If your water bill suddenly spiked without any additional water consumption in your household, you may be dealing with hidden leaks or slab leaks. These type of leaks are usually on the pipes underneath your flooring, behind walls, or ceiling. If left untreated, you continue to waste water, which can explain the increase in your utility bill. Additionally, these leaks can cause water damage to your property such as peeling paint or sagging ceiling. If you suspect that you have a hidden leak around your property, call Ace Pelizon Plumbing for a thorough inspection of your pipes. We are experienced in detecting all types of leaks and provide only non-invasive methods to treat your leak problem.

Does a Sewer Repair Require that My Yard is Dug Up?

In the old days, when your sewer line has been damaged, the only method of repair was digging a massive trench in your yard to replace your pipes. Since then, the plumbing technology has come a long way and has found a way to repair any sewer line without the need of any intrusive and costly digging. Ace Pelizon Plumbing is proud to be one of the first companies to offer trenchless sewer repairs throughout the San Gabriel Valley. This non-invasive method only requires our Covina plumbers to create two foot wide pits where we insert the new sewer pipe lining.

How Often Does My Water Heater Need to Be Serviced?

Different water heaters have different needs. As a standard, a traditional tank water heater needs to be serviced at least once a year for optimal performance. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, are more sustainable on their own and don’t need that much service. However, you may want to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to be sure. A regular maintenance service can help your heater last for as long as its life expectancy and prevent any major issues.

Can I Install a Water Heater Myself?

While we agree that installing a water heater is not that complicated, we still recommend that you contact our Covina plumbers. Proper water heater installation needs to be at par with local industry standards and building codes. It also requires you to attach your unit safely to the appropriate power source. This is delicate work that is best left to a professional. Let Ace Pelizon Plumbing handle your water heater installation. We have over 60 years of experience handling all types of water heater and can perform any installation in a safe and timely manner.

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