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What Can Cause A Higher Water Bill?

No one in Westwood wants to pay too much for utilities. You have probably already done a ton of research on how to lower your heating and electric bills.

Now, the problem is that after getting those bills to a manageable level by wearing extra sweaters and installing compact fluorescent bulbs all over the house, your water bill has gotten out of control. What gives? How can a water bill suddenly spike so high?

There are two main causes of a high water bill: a leak or a change in water use.


When there is a leak anywhere in your plumbing system, water escapes and more water rushes in to replace it. This means a higher water bill. Some common culprits in these circumstances include:

Some of these bathroom plumbing issues are more obvious than others. If your toilet is leaky or running, you have probably noticed by now and should call a plumber. Do a check on all your faucets, indoors and out, to see if they are dripping. A leaky pipe or water main is also usually accompanied by a drop in water pressure. If your shower head seems weaker than it used to, or your clothes aren’t rinsing clean in the laundry, these can be signs of decreased water pressure brought on by leaky pipes, and would be a good cause for plumbing repairs.

Changes in Use

You may think that you would notice if you all of a sudden started using much more water than usual, but it is not always that obvious. Sometimes we use water in sneaky ways that we don’t even notice, which can build up over time if done habitually. Some of these covert causes of increased water usage include:

Chances are, your astronomical water bill is caused by one of these two main categories of causes. Look over the list and see if any of them might be contributing to your water bill spike. If you are still stumped, call Ace Pelizon Plumbing .

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Residential Plumbing

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Commercial Plumbing

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