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What Is A Backflow Preventer & Does It Need A Repair

When you own a commercial property, you have a lot of responsibilities. And that means that you may not have the time or resources to check on every part of your property for damage. In fact, even when you do have hired help on staff to maintain your property, there are some things they simply cannot be qualified to do.

The backflow preventer on your property—the large plumbing equipment outside—must be tested once a year. And you must call a qualified, certified backflow tester to do it. There’s simply no other way to see that this device is working properly, even if it seems you would be able to tell.

Won’t the Water Quality Be Affected?

A backflow preventer keeps contaminated water from moving the wrong way through your water lines. Water can only move in one direction through the pipes so that a sudden change in water pressure—like when a fire hydrant nearby is used—doesn’t affect the water supply.

It is not really there to prevent contaminated water from moving onto your property. Rather, it is there to keep your property from contaminating the city supply. If a tank full of pesticides or boiler feed water were suddenly sucked back through the water lines, you would be responsible for potentially contaminating your community! Your water quality won’t be affected if your backflow preventer is failing, but you risk putting someone else’s health at stake.

Will Water Leak from the Backflow Preventer?

Many people wonder about whether water will leak from the backflow preventer if something goes wrong. While this could be the case sometimes, it isn’t usually. The mechanism within the system that keeps water moving in one direction could fail, but water would still move directly from the city’s supply onto your property.

In other words, the only way to tell if your backflow preventer is bad is to call in a certified tester. They have the tools and the training to see to it that your property and your community is safe.

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