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How To Purify Your Water Supply

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You probably know that most cities have a water purification process that cleans the water before it moves into the pipes in your home. However, that doesn’t mean the water in your home is truly as clean as you need it to be.

Impurities in the water supply change the taste of our water or give it foul odors. What’s worse is that it could make you sick, especially if someone in the family has an immune system disorder. Below, learn how to test and treat your water, with the help of a professional plumber or a water treatment specialist.

Possible Contaminants In Your Water

First, you’ll have to learn what is in the water you drink already. That way, you can discover whether a standard water filtration or purification approach will do or if you need a more specialized system for a specific contaminant or range of contaminants.

You may be able to find water test strips for sale, but these are not typically thorough. We recommend letting an expert do the work. Water testing specialists in your area know what to test for, as they are familiar with the common problems found in the region. The EPA recommends water testing for homeowners looking for a new water treatment system, too.

You may be surprised to hear what could be found in your water supply. The following are pollutants that water testing may check for.

Reconsider the Point-of-Use Filters

You may currently use a point-of-use filter. In other words, you likely have a way to filter the water you drink, but it’s in a specific location. You may have a filter right on your sink faucet. Or you may have a filtered pitcher you store in the refrigerator or on a countertop.

That means that you are only getting filtration for the water you drink. But what about the water you use for other tasks? What about the water you need to brush your teeth? And the water you use to bathe and wash your face?

You deserve filtration for the water throughout your home. We recommend a filtration system installed at the base of your plumbing system, where the pipes enter your home, for the most protection for your pipes and for your health.

Have a Plumber Install Your Whole-House Water Treatment System

A plumber can advise you on the right water treatment system for your home. Depending on the type of contaminants that concern you most, or on whether there are high concentrations of a pollutant in your water already, treatment system recommendations vary.

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