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Is Hydro Jetting The Drain Cleaning Solution You Need?

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Sometimes, drain clogs can be handled somewhat easily with a simple home plunger, whether in the sink or the toilet. Sometimes, they almost seem to go away on their own. But oftentimes these clogs, which may originate in the drain opening, travel further along the sewer line, clogging up the main outlet to your sewer line.

When sewer lines clog up and affect your home’s entire drainage system, hydro jetting is often the best bet. Sometimes, it’s even the better option when a single drain is clogging or causing problems. So is it the best option for you right now? Find out with our guide.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is an option that, unfortunately, is not something that the average homeowner can do without help from a contractor. It’s not a tool that is available in stores or one we recommend using without plumbing experience.

So, while cost is a factor in deciding whether hydro jetting is right for your drains, it’s usually worth it. The high-pressure hose blasts water from the inside of the drainpipe from all angles. That means that clogs are blasted into the sewer line. And just as important? Many future pipe clogs are prevented since the drains get so clear.

What If Only One Drain Is Clogged?

If only one drain is clogged up, hydro jetting may not necessarily be the right solution. While hydro jetting is offered for kitchen drains—and will benefit you more in the long term—you need to try a few things first if this is a service you want to avoid.

What About Clogs in Multiple Drains

This indicates a serious problem. What’s important is to have a thorough inspection of the drainpipes, which means calling a plumber with the right equipment first and foremost. Video camera inspection equipment allows a tech to zero in on the problem and decide exactly which tools need to be used. Drain cleaning techniques will vary greatly based on what the problem is.

In any case, your plumber should consult with you to find the right solution. For most major sewer line clogs, hydro jetting solves the problem and keeps it from coming back any time in the near future. Just be sure you call a skilled plumber to do the work!

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