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What You Should Know About The Inside Of Your Drains

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The drainpipes that lead from the sink, shower, and other fixtures are not in great condition. Sure, they may not be clogged and you might not have seen any problems recently. But, unless you’ve had them cleaned recently, chances are that they are filled with residue and debris.

When a drainpipe clogs or when the sewer line gets stopped up, it’s probably not because of one large piece of debris alone. Most likely, the clog is a result of an accumulation of things in the pipes already, and some newer items introduced into the pipes.

The piping is already filled with residue, grease, and disposal items that lead make the drains clogs faster. But what can you do about it?

Drain Cleaning Can Help

You cannot see the residue building up inside of your pipes, but you can safely assume that a significant amount of sludge develops over a couple of years and sticks to the lining of the pipes. Professional drain cleaning can be used to unclog blockage, but it can also be used as a preventative measure.

Blasting residue from the inside of your drains can help to prevent blockage from forming over time. Professional plumbers can use a hydro jetter that forces residue and debris into the sewer system using a high-pressure water stream.

How to Maintain the Drains

It’s also important that you’re very careful about what goes down the drains in the first place. You should never flush paper or plastic items not already approved for flushing. Paper towels, for example, are just not designed to be flushed, as they cannot break down in the same way that toilet paper can.

Most sink drains are for wastewater and nothing else, and a drain cover or hair trap can help to prevent other items from accidentally making their way in. But, of course, the kitchen sink is an exception.

While the garbage disposal helps to break down foods, there are still a few things to avoid in order to prevent clogs:

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