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Plumbing Tip 29: Do I Need A Grease Trap In My Home?

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Are you considering a grease trap installation for your West Covina area home? Call Ace Pelizon Plubming. While kitchen drain systems in homes without garbage disposals are much more susceptible to clogs, people are also more likely to put oily substances in disposals, which can clog the drain line.

If you cook a lot and do not compost food scraps, making sure that your drains stay clear of grease and cooking oil is very important since grease can easily clog kitchen drains. There are certain foods that should not go into the garbage disposal and avoiding these is important to think about if you are considering installing a grease trap.

Coffee grounds should not go down the disposal, for instance, because the natural oils in coffee beans come out during the roasting process. Used coffee grinds are also already ground, so it doesn’t grind them further to put them in the garbage disposal. There are many uses for used coffee grounds, such as natural pest deterrent in gardens. In addition to keeping grease out of the drains, avoid using harsh chemicals to unclog drains. This is only a temporary fix, and many conventional drain cleaners can harm certain piping materials.

Call the West Covina plumbers at Ace Pelizon if you have further questions or would like more drain maintenance tips. We can also discuss your options for a grease trap installation and inspect your drains to help you choose whether or not a grease trap would benefit your plumbing system. Contact Ace Pelizon today!


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