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When you need plumbing, drain, & water heater services, trust the West Covina experts at Ace Pelizon Plumbing. Our technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to fix most home plumbing problems on the spot. 

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What’s Unique About Plumbing Systems In West Covina, California? 

West Covina boasts a diverse range of housing options, from single-family homes to apartments and townhouses, all of which are equipped with essential plumbing, drains, and water heaters.  Although these systems are dependable, they do require regular maintenance and repair. In such cases, homeowners can rely on Ace Pelizon Plumbing for assistance.

In the past, lead and Orangeburg pipes were commonly used in West Covina homes. However, due to the toxic nature of these materials, many homeowners have replaced them with safer, more modern alternatives. 

Similarly, some homes in West Covina have gravity-fed plumbing systems, which can be less effective than modern systems and may require frequent maintenance. Cast iron pipes were also popular in the area and, although durable, can corrode over time and become clogged with mineral buildup. Fortunately, Ace Pelizon Plumbing utilizes advanced methods, such as camera inspections and hydro jetting, to address these issues.

It’s important to keep in mind that plumbing, drain, and water heaters in West Covina, regardless of the home or business type, require maintenance, repair, and replacement. Therefore, it’s very important to consult a trusted, licensed plumber,  drain specialist, or water heater expert like Ace Pelizon Plumbing to assess your plumbing system when making upgrades or repairs.

West Covina, California

West Covina is a city in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County, California. With a population of approximately 106,000 people, it is one of the larger cities in the area.  The city is also home to a number of shopping centers, including the West Covina Mall, which is one of the largest malls in the San Gabriel Valley. Additionally, West Covina has several parks and recreational areas, such as Galster Wilderness Park, which offers hiking trails and scenic views of the surrounding area.

Founded: August 15, 1923
Population: 107,017
Total Area: 16 Square Miles
Elevation: 384 feet
Median Household Income: $89,834
Median Home Value: $774,000

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