Stages Of Water Line Replacement Using Trenchless Technology

Replacing your Pomona home’s water line with trenchless technology is an impressive process. It is more technically advanced than the old method by leaps and bounds (in the past, the answer to a broken water line was a backhoe and a new pipe), and it can be cost effective in many instances, especially if the problem is only with a small length of pipe. Let’s take a quick look at the stages of pipe replacement should your water line need to be swapped out.

  1. Accessing the Water Line – The first step is to find the affected length of pipe. If it’s unclear where the problem is located in the pipe line, a hole may be dug (or an existing manhole used) to run a video inspection through the line and find the problem. In the case of a leak, this usually isn’t necessary.
  2. Inspecting and Clearing the Line – Once the leak is located, it’s time to clear out any existing water and/or debris or roots in the way of the new line.
  3. Setting Up the Equipment – There are several ways to go about replacing a pipe, but in all cases, a pair of access ports are dug on either side of the affected pipe line. On one end, the new pipe is fed in and on the other side a winch is used to pull the pipe through.
  4. Installing the New Pipe – Burstlining is a common method used to replace an old pipe. A burst cone attached to the front of the new pipe is pulled through the old pipe, breaking it apart as it’s fed through.
  5. Finishing the Process – Once the pipe line has been replaced it is connected to the water system and the pits are filled in. When done, there may be only a small reminder of the work that was done on your property.

At the end of the day, everything is cleaner, more environmentally friendly and in many cases, more cost effective. It’s a wonder anyone still uses the messy old method of digging up the entire yard just to rip out the pipe. But, they do, so if you find yourself with a burst water line, make sure to contact a plumber with the tools and experience needed to replace your pipe the right way.

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