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Plumbing Repair Tip 1: Common Sewer And Water Line Problems

Your sewer and water line are the most important pipes in your Alhambra home. They bring in fresh water to your fixtures and remove waste water from your drains. So, a problem with either of these lines will put a serious kink in your daily routine. That’s why you should keep a close eye out for these potential problems.


The most common problem you are likely to see in your pipe lines is clogging. This happens more often in the sewer line and is usually due to things being put down drains that don’t belong there. For example, toilet paper is designed to be flushed because it disintegrates when wet. Paper towels, however, absorb water and take a very long time to disintegrate. The same goes for most napkins and tissues. Use those instead of toilet paper or flush them when cleaning and you create a potential clog.

Only flush items that specifically say “flushable” on the packaging. Anything else should be thrown in the trash.

Root Infiltration

Because your water line and sewer line are located underneath your property, there is always a chance that a nearby tree or shrub’s roots will grow toward it, attempting to absorb water from the line. If this happens, the roots can eventually break through the pipe and create a leak. And if there is already a small leak or crack in the line, roots will rip it open like a tin can.

Mineral Build Up

Water is filled with various minerals that can have a negative impact on your pipes if not properly removed. Hard water in particular can damage pipes and create blockages that will eventually stop water flow completely.

Fortunately, hard water and other mineral problems are easy to solve with modern filtration devices. The key is to recognize that there might be a problem and move to fix it before it gets too bad.

Things to Watch For

If you suspect a problem in your water line or sewer line, watch for spikes in your water meter or a sudden increase in your bill – both sure signs that there is a leak. Additionally, check slow drains to make sure they are localized. If all the drains in your Alhambra home are suddenly slower it may be in the sewer line.

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