Plumbing Tip 28: Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

Many West Covina homeowners choose to install garbage disposals if they don’t already have oneGarbage disposals help get rid of food waste quickly while reducing the chance of food particles clogging the drain lines. However, there are things to consider as you are comparing the different models.

Here are some questions to keep in mind as a garbage disposal buying guide:

Do you Want a Batch or Continuous Feed?

Garbage disposal are categorized as either a batch feed or continuous feed. Batch-feed models will not run until a stopper is placed in the drain and then activated. These models are ideal for homes with children due to this extra step in operation. They can be a little more expensive and take more time to install.

Continuous-feed models use a separate switch to activate the grinding, and they will run until they are switched off. They are slightly less expensive and easy to install. Both of these models make a considerable amount of noise, but there are newer models that have noise-reducing features.

What Are the Special Features?

In addition to quiet operation features, you may also want to consider other special features. For instance, stainless steel models are more durable and resistant to corrosion. You can also find anti-jamming features and dishwasher connections. Disposals that are connected to your dishwasher will grind the food from the dishes in your dishwasher, which helps prevent clogs in your dishwasher drain line.

What is the Right Size for Your Needs?

Most households have garbage disposals that are sized for 3/4-horsepower. The more horsepower for your unit, the less likely it will get jammed. It also can handle more food and will grind the food waste more efficiently.

Do you Have a Sewer System or Septic Tank?

Even if you’re careful, it’s almost impossible to avoid pouring greasy or oily waste from cooking into the sink from time to timeDrains that are not clogged or running slowly could still have deposits of grease and waste build up. That’s why you should consider which type of waste system is in your home.

If you have a septic system, you will want to avoid putting any solid or mineralized items, such as egg shells, into the disposal. This may reduce the effectiveness of the septic system and increase the sludge. There are also garbage disposals that are designed to work with septic systems.

Call the West Covina plumbers at Ace Pelizon if you have further questions about the garbage disposals that we can install for you.

Your sink style also may play a role in your choice. An inexpensive stainless-steel sink may not provide solid support for a heavier, high-powered model. And an overpowering disposal may cause the surrounding countertop and cabinets to rattle. Contact us today!

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