A Simple Guide to Sump Pump Maintenance, and How to Keep Yours Operating Efficiently 

Hello to all of you homeowners out there…how often do you think about your sump pump? Specifically, how often do you think about sump pump maintenance? Chances are it’s not all that much. For most people, sump pumps are out of sight and out of mind (that is, until your basement is flooded with water).

Let’s hope it never gets to that point. Sump pump maintenance is unfortunately overlooked by many homeowners and in many cases, problems are not identified until it’s too late.

In this blog, we will go into detail about simple sump pump maintenance solutions and how a trusted home services partner like Ace Pelizon can help

What are some simple tips for maintaining my home’s sump pump?

sump pump maintence guide

Great question! This isn’t a question we get asked enough, if we’re being honest. 

Your home is primarily relying on its sump pump to keep water out in the event of a storm or other extreme event, so it’s hard to fault you if the sump pump isn’t regularly on your mind. But you should be aware of when it needs serviced, inspected or replaced. 

Most sump pumps have a lifespan of 7-10 years, and anything beyond that puts you at risk of a faulty system or complete failure. The ramifications of a sump pump failure are as stressful (and expensive as you’d imagine); you will end up with far more problems than just water in your basement. 

Here are some simple tips for the homeowner in inspecting your sump pump.

Test your sump pump

If you live in an area with a “wet season,” the best course of action is to test your sump pump every year before the rainy months begin. When you pour a bucket of water into the pump, it should start working as soon as the water reaches a certain level. If it doesn’t start pumping, you should give Ace Pelizon a call immediately.

Clean the sump pump

Cleaning your sump pump is also important – and it’s fairly easy to do. First, you will turn off the sump pump and open the lid (if there is one). Use a flashlight to look inside and clean out any dirt, debris or buildup that has accumulated in the pump. 

Use a battery backup

In extreme weather events, a power outage becomes a higher likelihood. Without power, your sump pump can’t operate properly which makes a battery backup critical. To test the battery, unplug the sump pump and run the battery power to ensure everything is ready to go.

Inspect the sump pump for worn parts

Corrosion is one of the most common signs of wear in your sump pump’s infrastructure. Float switches are prone to failure and should be replaced every 1-2 years; if you aren’t sure about certain parts of your sump pump, call Ace Pelizon to schedule a routine maintenance and our team of expert plumbers will help you determine next steps.

What other maintenance steps should you take to care for your sump pump?

sump pump maintence guide

The only thing protecting your home from a flood of water is your sump pump, so it should be attended to and maintained. 

Here are a few other sump pump maintenance tips to keep your system happy and healthy.

Check your sump pump’s GFCI

Wait, Ace Pelizon…what is a GFCI? The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a special outlet that keeps the system from getting waterlogged. If it gets damp, it shuts down – turning off your sump pump. GFCIs can be faulty or break, so check it regularly to make sure it’s running properly.

Inspect your sump pump’s outlet pipes

It’s important to check the sump pump’s outlet pipes regularly for leaks or damage. If they start leaking back into the foundation, they can cause damage or leakage into the basement.

Ensure upright operation of your sump pump

If you have a standing sump pump, make sure it stays upright and doesn’t fall over when operating. Sump pumps can move around a lot and if they do fall over, they may not pump properly.

Clean the sump pump’s grate

Submersible pumps are often left to sit in their pits for months (or even years without cleaning). Needless to say, that’s not ideal. At least once a year, remove the sump pump from its pit and clean away any dirt or grime that has built up. Stones or debris in the pump can break the motor if left unchecked.

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