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Does Your Plumber Do Video Pipe Inspection?

A major drain clog can be frustrating, especially when the blockage slows down more than one of the drains in your home. When this is the case, there is most likely blockage far along in the sewer line, which a plunger alone cannot reach. That’s when it’s time to call in a professional. Any quality plumber will perform a drain inspection before attempting to remove the blockage. But only select plumbers employ video pipe inspection to determine the exact source of the clog. When you choose a plumber for drain cleaning, be sure to ask whether they use video cameras for plumbing inspection.

Video Pipe Inspection Is Vital for Quality Drain Cleaning

In the past, locating the source of a drain clog involved a lot of guesswork. Plumbers essentially had to insert a drain snake into a pipe and hope for the best. Today, however, there are many different methods a plumber can employ for pipe inspection, but one of the most accurate is the use of a fiber optic video camera. The plumber inserts a cable with a small video camera at the end into the pipes and views a live video feed of the pipe.

This helps the plumber to determine the exact location of the blockage so they don’t have to go in blind. It can also make the job go by more quickly. Furthermore, after drain cleaning, the technician can view the pipes again to make sure the drains are completely clear.

Video Pipe Inspection and Hydro-Jetting Go Hand-in-Hand

When you choose a plumber who combines video pipe inspection with hydro jetting service, you can feel confident that your drains are clear of any debris or stuck-on grease and “sludge” that could lead to a clog later on. Hydro jetting involves using a thin hose under high pressure to blast blockage away from the lining of the pipes. This is perhaps the most effective method of drain cleaning and the best at preventing trouble from occurring in the future.

Call the professionals at Ace Pelizon for plumbing services in Pasadena, CA. We’ll make sure that drain clog is gone for good with our video pipe inspection services and hydro-jetting technology.

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