How To Tell If Repiping Is Best For Your Plumbing System

When you notice issues with your plumbing system, you often hope that a small repair will be sufficient so that you do not have to deal with the hassle of whole-home pipe replacement. However, there comes a time when any home requires professional repiping services. Only an expert can know for sure, but we’ve detailed a few ways you can tell if replacement is the best option.

Old Steel Pipes Will Corrode Sooner or Later

Older pipes were made of galvanized steel, in which the steel was coated with a layer of zinc meant to prevent the pipes from rusting. Unfortunately, the galvanization wears away at some point, and rust and corrosion can lead to major trouble with the pipes. It is always best to replace your pipes as early on as possible, so look for these signs that indicate you have galvanized steel plumbing components that may need repiping.

  • Pipes were installed before the 1960s
  • Rust around drains or in drain openings
  • Reddish-brown flakes in your water

Even Copper Pipes Can Corrode

If you have galvanized steel pipes that are corroding, repiping is often your only option. But if you have copper pipes throughout the home (the standard in piping for new installation) corrosion may not indicate the need for replacement. Internal pitted corrosion is an issue in which the pipes form small leaks from the inside out. Repiping may be an option for repair, but you may be able to replace only small portions of pipe or have an expert fix the areas with soldering.

Address this issue as early on as possible by looking out for signs that indicate your pipes may be leaking:

  • Low water pressure
  • Water pooling around the home
  • Smell of mildew/mold development
  • Patches of grass grow quickly

Is repiping the best option for your plumbing system? Call the plumbers at Ace Pelizon Plumbing to find out for sure. Call our skilled team in the Pasadena, CA area today!

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