What To Do If Your Water Heater Leaks

That leaking in your basement, garage, or storage room is no small matter. A leaking water heater can have consequences for your comfort, your property, and even your health. A leaky water heater can create moist conditions where mold can thrive. You may not get any hot water to your shower, and it could create thousands of dollars in damages for your home. Act fast when you notice a leak in your water heater, and follow these steps to get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

Turn off the power

After you’ve determined that your water heater is the source of the leaking in the room, you need to stop power to the unit in order to stay safe and keep it under control. With an electric water heater, shut off power at the circuit breaker designated for that area before going into that area. As we all know, electricity and water are never a good combination. With a gas unit, we don’t recommend messing with the gas valve. If possible, just locate the off switch on the device. If you suspect a gas leak, call an expert right away.

Shut off the water safely

The second thing you must do in order to keep the issue under control is to shut off the water to the water heater. Remember,the water in the tank is extremely hot, so if you fear you may come into contact with it while shutting off the water, call your local plumber to do it for you. Usually, the cold water shutoff valve for the heater is located right near the unit.

Consult with a Local Plumber

A local plumber can help you learn the extent of the damage to your water heater in order to determine whether it can be repaired or if you need a replacement unit. Be sure to call a plumber ASAP in order to minimize potential damage to your home and get your hot water restored as quickly as is possible.

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