How To Shut Off Your Gas During An Emergency

There are many things plumbers don’t expect homeowners to know about repairing things around the home. In fact, some things we don’t even want homeowners to attempt since a plumber can do the work better and more safely. But one thing we think every homeowner should know—something every person should know, in fact—is how to shut off the gas main in an emergency.

In California, we often live in fear of earthquakes. They can become a normal part of life for us, but even when you’ve got your furniture mounted to the wall, there are still many safety and health risks during and after an earthquake. One of those is a gas leak.

What Causes A Gas Leak

A gas leak could occur if ground movement allows the gas pipe leading into your home (from the meter) to leak. And you might not know anything is happening what with all of the chaos going on around you. That’s why it’s important to know how to shut off the gas. After an earthquake, pause to find out if there are any obvious gas leaks. This means looking around for signs of a rupture, which likely won’t be too apparent. It’s easier to listen for hissing or smell for the odor of rotten eggs.

How To Shut Off Your Gas

In many cases, if the damage to your home is severe or if neighbors have gas leaks, you’ll want to shut off the gas anyway. Just keep in mind that you need the gas company to turn it back on.

  • First, find your natural gas meter. The gas valve is located right near this.
  • Find an adjustable wrench that fits it (12-inch or larger) and leave it there so you can always find it.
  • To shut off the gas, turn the valve ¼ turn, usually in either direction.

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