4 Easy Ways To Protect Your Drain And Sewer

The drains of your home are just as important as the water pipes, and they tend to require even more maintenance. Most homeowners have to put up with drain problems at some point in time, but you can hold off on making repairs for a little longer by following our tips.

Avoid Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Drain cleaning chemicals are some of the most toxic sold in stores. These chemicals are dangerous and may injure the skin or eyes, especially if small children get ahold of them. They also damage pipes, and while they can remove select types of blockage, the potential for premature pipe failure is not worth it. Only use plungers or small handheld pipe cleaners. If these won’t work, call a plumber.

Schedule an Inspection

With each passing year, there is a greater chance that your drain and sewer line will encounter trouble. Schedule an inspection to check on the state of your pipes and discover whether or not it is time to consider a sewer line replacement. This is an investment in the future of your property.

Choose Professional Drain Cleaning

When you have sewer line clogs affecting multiple drains in your house, only trust a professional to clean the drains. With professional hydro jetting service, not only is blockage cleared, but your pipes are cleaner, reducing the potential for drain clogs in the near future.

Use Your Garbage Disposal

You should see to it that you never put anything down the kitchen sink drain that your garbage disposal could not handle—anything that you couldn’t chew with your teeth. That means no food wrappers, cigarette butts, popcorn kernels, or meat bones. You should also avoid stringy foods like celery that can catch on the impeller, pasta and rice, which expand in the pipes, and F.O.G (fats, oils, and grease—these clog the pipes).

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