El Niño And Your Plumbing: Are You Prepared?

The powerful El Niño storm has already brought heavy rainfall and flooding to the Pacific Northwest, and it’s expected to make quite the splash in Southern California in the coming months. This is the strongest El Niño since the severe flooding that resulted from the 1997-98 storms. Is your home ready for the weather ahead? We have a couple of recommendations for homeowners concerned about the weather patterns to come.

Schedule a Plumbing Maintenance Visit

It’s important that your drains are able to handle all of the water that may come onto your property during the upcoming storms. Schedule a plumbing maintenance visit for a thorough look at your entire plumbing system, including the drains.

Your plumber should check all of the visible components of your plumbing and make sure that they are free of leaks. Additionally, they may use video inspection equipment to look inside of the drain and sewer pipes, if necessary. With the recent drought, tree roots may have grown towards the drainpipes in search of water, so there could be a high risk of your pipes rupturing during the rainy season.

Your plumber should make recommendations about any repairs you should make or any updates you may want to make to your drainage system to prepare for El Niño.

Consider a Sump Pump

If you’ve ever experienced issues with flooding in your basement or crawlspace, it’s in your best interest to have a sump pump installed. High water tables can worsen with heavy rains, but a sump pump in the lowest portion of your home can move water out of the home as it begins to fill. Your plumber will place a pump into a basin dug into the ground, and the pump will move the water to a drainage system. This is one of the most effective forms of basement waterproofing.

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