Plumbing FAQ: How Much Will It Cost To Unclog This Drain?

Sometimes, when a homeowner calls us about a clogged drain, all they are looking for is a price quote. This is problematic for a couple of reasons. For one thing, a technician who quotes a low price over the phone might not be the best person for the job, and you might end up paying more to correct the mistakes of an amateur. Secondly, it’s very difficult to give a good price quote over the phone.

The Difficulty of Giving a Price Quote

When your drains are clogged up, it might be an easy fix. On the other hand, a plumber might need to use some pretty tough equipment to get it out, and the job could take up many hours.

Once we get a look at the damage using high-quality inspection equipment, we can more accurately determine the total cost of the job. But when you call us for a quote over the phone, no matter how much detail you give, it’s too difficult to give an estimate.

Why You Should Be Careful of Plumbers Who Offer a Blind Price Quote

When you get a price quote from a plumber over the phone, you should be careful. Sometimes, the quote given is an hourly quote, and the plumbers will take their time working on the drains just to make some extra money.

We’ve also heard of plumbers who use hydro jetting (water jetting that is highly effective at blasting residue out of the drains) scamming people by charging per pass. Each time they move the hose through the pipes, you get charged a set amount. While this isn’t too unusual, some plumbers have reduced the water pressure on purpose in order to trick you into paying more, increasing the need to pass the hose through the pipes several times.

Find quality plumbers you can trust rather than calling around for a price quote if you want to avoid price gouging and dishonest work.

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