Why You Need A Plumber For These Major Leaks

When there’s a major problem with your plumbing system, you call in a local plumber to handle the work. And often, the appointment time can be scheduled for a later date. If it’s slow drains, problems with the garbage disposal, or a small sink leak, you don’t need to have the plumber come ASAP, and there’s probably a convenient appointment time for both you and your plumbing company that you can schedule in advance.

However, oftentimes the problem is something that shouldn’t wait. Remember, many plumbers are available for emergency service—and many are even 24/7. Call right away for any of these issues.

Signs of a Major Leak

If you notice water spots around the home or have any suspicion that a pipe behind the walls is leaking, turn off the water and call a plumber in ASAP. It’s not worth the potential water damage and the repairs afterward to wait until a more convenient time to repair your home.

Loss of Water

If you have very little or no water pressure, you need a plumber as quickly as possible! It might indicate a major leak, and besides, your family needs water!

Sewage Backup

When sewage backs up into your home, you have a health issue on your hands. Call in experts to assess the issue and hopefully get your drainage back running smoothly in no time.

Problems With Your Gas Piping

This absolutely cannot wait. If it is an emergency—if you suspect a gas leak due to rotten egg odors, hissing sounds, or for any other reason—get out and call your utility company right away. For any other problems with your gas piping company, a qualified plumber may be able to help! Look for a company certified to work on gas piping.

When you have a plumbing emergency, you need to take action fast. Call Ace Pelizon Plumbing for emergency plumbing service in West Covina today. World class service is just around the corner!

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