Water Filtration FAQ 1: What Are Specialty Cartridges And Housing In Water Filtration Systems?

Home water filtration systems remove many of the chemical and mineral contaminants found in most municipal water supplies. But some water sources in the San Dimas area may also contain trace amounts of toxic substances that can only be removed by highly specialized filter cartridges, such as arsenic and nitrates.

We also provide water testing services for customers who are concerned about the quality of their water. We’ll perform a chemical analysis of your water and explain the results in language you can understand. If testing shows the presence of arsenic, nitrate, or some other rare contaminant, we’ll help you set up the cartridge filter and housing you need to provide your home with safe, clean water.

Deionizing and Demineralizing Cartridges

Specialty cartridges are most frequently used to deionize or demineralize household water. Water with too much mineral content is referred to as hard water. As their names indicate, these cartridges soften the water by removing excess amounts of ions and minerals such as calcium, chloride, and fluoride. Of course, there should always be trace amounts of minerals in the water we drink. Our bodies get many of the minerals we require from water, so water treated with deionizing cartridges may need to be rebalanced with certain minerals before it’s consumed.

Ace Pelizon installs and services all types of deionizing and demineralizing cartridge systems for household use. Our service team can answer any questions you have about water purity and how these specialty systems can be safely integrated into your household water supply. Like most household appliances, water filtration systems are intended to be out of sight and out of mind. They should operate trouble-free for years, providing you with all the clean, pure water you need without constant monitoring or servicing.

If tests have shown that you need to install a specialty cartridge to remove arsenic or some other harmful contaminant from your tap water, or if you’ve been told to deionize your water, contact Ace PelizonWe sell, install, and service a full range of specialty cartridges in San Dimas, and our water quality specialists can answer all your questions.

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