How To Boost Water Pressure In Your Home

Showering and washing dishes are two tasks that are rather unproductive if you have poor water pressure. Sometimes, a water pressure issue is only present in a single showerhead or faucet. Other times, it’s the entire plumbing system that’s affected. If the problem comes up suddenly, it’s most likely a piping issue that you should get checked out ASAP. But if your home’s plumbing system has new pipes, there are a couple of things you can try.

Check the Faucet

When the problem seems to come from a particular faucet or showerhead, you can try checking the actual fixture to look for problems. Faucets and showerheads often have aerators which may help to regulate pressure and filter out mineral content. Using your manual, you should be able to take apart the front of the showerhead or the faucet opening to remove this small screen and clean it out.

Try the Pressure Regulator

May homes have a water pressure regulator, and making an adjustment could help to solve the problem. However, it’s unlikely that this is the case if your water pressure issues have come about suddenly. The pressure regulator is located near the main water shutoff valve. However, adjusting or replacing this part is a job better left to the pros.

Call a Plumber

Most of the time, you’re much better off calling a professional to help fix your low water pressure issues rather than to attempt to fix them on your own. Call in a plumber when low water pressure is beyond your control, as the problem might be more serious than you’d guess. You might have scaling within the pipes. Or, your pipes could be leaking, and potentially damaging parts of your home.

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