How To Adjust Your Water Pressure

The water pressure in your home can make washing up more efficient, or it can turn showering into an annoyance. It can get in the way of your comfort or it can help you to relax. That’s why so many homeowners want the ability to control their water pressure. Good water pressure is highly sought after. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to increase or decrease it in your home. Learn more about changing your water pressure, and why low levels may mean an urgent problem, below!

Adjusting a Water Pressure Regulator

The water pressure regulator that is part of your water supply could need an adjustment. You can test the water pressure using a water pressure meter, which you can find at a hardware store (and which your plumber is already equipped with). You don’t want the water pressure to exceed 60 psi.

Adjust the water pressure using a socket wrench to adjust the nut on the bell-shaped water pressure regulator at the supply line. Turning it counterclockwise reduces the pressure.

Checking Aerators

Remember, the problem might not be with the entire water supply. Your sink faucets and showerheads have built in pressure regulators, called aerators, to help you save water. These screens could get clogged with dirt or minerals. Taking apart the end of the faucet and soaking the aerator in vinegar may help.

Fixing Leaks

Keep in mind that low water pressure may not be a result of poor pressure regulation, especially if it seems to happen suddenly. A drop in your water pressure could result from a plumbing leak, something you need to get repaired ASAP. If this has been going on for a while, you may have older pipes that need replacing. Call a plumber to your home if you suspect major problems with your plumbing.

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