Plumbing Repair FAQ 8: Frequently Asked Water Heater Questions

Access to dependable hot water in your home is one of the great luxuries of life afforded by modern technology. When you schedule a professional water heater installation and regular maintenance service you can enjoy efficient and effective water heating performance for years to come. Sometimes, though, as with any other mechanical device, you are bound to run into some issues with your water heater. There are a lot of problems that you may experience. If you have questions about the water heater in your home call the Pasadena plumbing repair professionals at Ace Pelizon Plumbing.

One of the most frequently asked water heater questions that we encounter is why a water heater is not producing a sufficient amount of hot water. This can happen for a number of reasons and the correct answer may depend on the type of water heater that you use in your home. A traditional storage tank water heater holds a reservoir of water that is continually heated and always ready to go. However, this type of water heater is also susceptible to depletion of that supply. If you have very high hot water usage in your home you may simply be draining the storage tank.

If you use a tankless on-demand water heater you will not encounter this problem. However, a tankless water heater may be overwhelmed by instances in which someone is showering while a dishwasher is operating. This can result in reduced flow rates. These issues can be resolved, if necessary, by the installation of an additional tankless water heater.

Another question we hear all the time is why a water heater is inefficient. Very frequently this issue can be traced back to poor maintenance practices. Routine maintenance is by far the best way for you to keep your water heating operating efficiently. Give us a call to schedule service today.

For more information about water heaters and their operation contact the Pasadena plumbing experts. Contact Ace Pelizon Plumbing for the answers to all your questions. Our expertise and quality services can help to keep your water heater working as efficiently and reliably as possible.

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