Plumbing FAQ 9: Common Plumbing Repairs

The plumbing system in your home takes a lot of abuse every day disposing of your waste water. It should come as no surprise that with all that use you would eventually need plumbing repairs in Pasadena. At Ace Pelizon Plumbing, we’ve responded to countless calls for plumbing repairs and wanted to put together a short list of some of the most common ones that we see.

Most Common Drain Clogs in Pasadena, CA

Clogs are one of the most common plumbing repairs that we perform in Pasadena, CA. Because of all the waste water and solid waste that gets put down your plumbing system it’s bound to form a clog at some point. Here are a couple of the most common causes of clogs.

  • Tree roots – It may come as a surprise, but tree roots are actually one of the most common causes of clogs. In their search for water they often are able to wedge their way into your plumbing system through the fittings. This causes a huge problem for your drains and sewer lines.
  • Garbage disposal – Another common cause of drain clogs is something going down the kitchen sink that shouldn’t have. A good example of this is grease or melted fat. When you pour liquid grease and fat down your drains it will cool once it hits the water. It then turns into a gooey glob that will stick to everything else down there.
  • Solid waste – It’s just a matter of time before hair, solid waste or soap scum builds up to the point where it causes a huge clog.

Common Plumbing Leaks in Pasadena

Pipe leaks are another very common issue for homeowners throughout the Pasadena area. Bad installation is one of the more common causes of pipe leaks. Your water line is most likely made out of copper. If the copper pipe was dented at all during the installation the gallons of water flowing over that imperfection can wear it out and cause a pinhole leak. Another common cause of leaks is corrosion and hard water.

If you need plumbing repairs in Pasadena, then contact Ace Pelizon Plumbing today! Our highly trained Pasadena plumbers can perform any kind of plumbing repairs that you might need. Call us today!

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