Plumbing FAQ 35: Which Water Treatment System Is Right For My Home?

You need to be able to trust the water that comes from your water supply. If you find that your water tastes strange, has a strange color or smell, or if you are at all concerned about whether you should be drinking your tap water, then consider having your water tested and installing a water treatment system. To understand what’s in your water and to treat your home water supply comprehensively, make sure you hire a professional Covina plumber who knows what they’re doing. After all, nothing is more important than water to our health. That said, you might be wondering which water treatment system is right for your home. In this post, we’d like to answer your question. For more information about Covina plumbing, call Ace Pelizon Plumbing today!

To address this question, we need to know a bit more about your water.

  • I know my water supply is filtered and cleaned at a treatment facility, but it’s not enough. Consider installing a water filtration system to remove any additional contaminants that may have been introduced between the treatment facility and your home. Whether installed at the water supply line or under the kitchen sink, a water filter is a cost effective solution.
  • I’m concerned about microorganisms like bacteria, mold, and viruses in my water supply. You should consider installing a UV water-disinfecting device. Ultraviolet light destroys the majority of microorganisms in your water supply safely and effectively, without disturbing the water with toxic chemicals, tastes, or odors. They can be installed under a fixture or at the water line itself.
  • I need a complete water treatment system. Reverse osmosis is probably the most comprehensive water treatment system available. It uses the basic biological process of osmosis to remove particles from your water. By pressurizing your water supply and sending it through a semi-permeable membrane that filters the water. Because water seeks to balance its osmotic pressure (during molecular movement), the solutes are removed in the process. Long used for industrial applications since the 1950s, reverse osmosis systems are available as whole home or under-the-counter solutions.

We hope this answered some of your questions about water treatment systems. For Covina plumbing, call the experts at Ace Pelizon Plumbing today!

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