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What Are The 3 Of The Most Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems?

Modern kitchens make cooking and cleaning a breeze. Your sink can provide clean potable water anytime you need it, while your drain and disposal allows for quick and easy cleanup. In fact, many homeowners think their kitchen sink can handle almost anything, which is why kitchen plumbing repairs can come as a surprise.

To keep kitchen plumbing problems from occurring, be sure to schedule plumbing maintenance every year. With this valuable service, a technician cleans and inspects every component of your plumbing system, to reduce the chances that the following issues will occur.

  • Drain Clogs: Kitchen drain clogs can mean a huge mess as food scraps and liquids left in your sink move too slowly into the drain pipe. But not to worry, a trained plumber has the right equipment to get rid of the problem quickly. Drain snakes and hydro jetting, tools used by professionals to remove clogs, are simply more effective at removing blockage than a standard liquid drain cleaner, which could damage your pipes, leading to further repairs. Keep drain clogs from occurring by making sure drain cleaning is a part of your regular plumbing maintenance.
  • Leaky Sink: A leaky sink is an annoyance that can cost you quite a bit in bills and repairs if you let it go on for too long. There are many reasons a faucet can drip, and, while you may be able to find tutorials online about fixing some causes of leaky faucets, it could result in further damage without the proper training. A plumber can do the job quickly and accurately the first time around.
  • Broken Disposal: Finally, a broken garbage disposal can be a tough fix that sometimes requires replacement. If the reset button underneath your unit doesn’t do the trick, do not put your hands or any other object into the disposal. A plumber can assess whether the motor is still in working condition or if a new unit will provide you with better results.

Don’t let kitchen plumbing problems inconvenience you for very long before scheduling repairs. For kitchen plumbing in Monrovia, CA, call Ace Pelizon Plumbing today!

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