Are There Any Plumbing Repairs I Can Do On My Own?

Your plumbing system is a complex set of pipes and fixtures that runs throughout your home, behind the walls, and underneath your property. When you need plumbing repair, you may be tempted to try and save money by searching for do-it-yourself guides and purchasing some tools at a local hardware store. But an inexperienced plumber can cause further damage to a plumbing system and require more costly repairs later on.

In general, plumbing repair requires a specialist with professional-grade tools and the expertise to spot repair needs, make the appropriate repairs, and inspect the system for damages. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, and we’ll go over them in this guide.

Leaks and Clogs

Leaks in the pipes can be difficult to detect. You may be able to spot the signs—reduced water pressure, water spots, or increased bills—but you’ll need a plumber to determine the exact location and the best way to tackle the job.

Advice found online simply cannot address your specific needs, and only a plumber has the right tools for the job. For tough clogs, some homeowners try harsh chemicals that are unsafe for humans and may damage your plumbing. Professionals have large drain augers to remove clogs safely, a tool which would cost a homeowner thousands of dollars.

General Repair Needs

You may feel you can tackle some general plumbing repair needs on your own. You may think, for example, that you can fix a running toilet with a simple part from the store. However, this potentially neglects a larger problem like a broken seal, which a plumber will be able to quickly identify. It’s best to have a plumber check out even some smaller problems like these to inspect for further damages.

Some Exceptions

However, there are a few things you may be able to repair on your own.

  • Clogs near the Drain Opening: Sometimes, a plunger can easily dislodge clogs that are near the drain opening.
  • Faulty Garage Disposal: Garbage disposal malfunctioning? Try pressing the “reset” button at the bottom of the unit underneath the sink.
  • Faulty Garage Disposal: Garbage disposal malfunctioning? Try pressing the “reset” button at the bottom of the unit underneath the sink.
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