Should My Water Heater Make Noises While Heating Up?

Issues within a water heater become more apparent in the winter, when going without hot water even for a day would be difficult. You may become concerned about strange behavior from your water heater, especially if you notice loud noises from the large storage tank that holds the hot water. Is this typical of an older water heater, or is it something you should be concerned about? Learn more below, and call your local plumbers for more information!

Hard Water: The Most Common Source of Tank Noise

The popping, knocking, or banging sound coming from your hot water tank is most likely a result of hard water. Hard water, an issue present in most plumbing system, describes a problem in which there is a lot of much calcium, magnesium, and perhaps some other minerals in your water. Over time, these minerals leave behind sediment that can build up in your water heater tank. The sediment sinks in the tank, and the steam bubbles working their way through the sediment are responsible for that popping noise you hear.

Should You Worry?

Yes and no. The noises in your water heater most likely do not indicate an emergency. In other words, you shouldn’t worry about shutting off your hot water heater and scheduling emergency service. However, while this doesn’t pose an immediate threat, we recommend calling a technician ASAP and scheduling in the next appointment.

The layer of sediment at the bottom of your tank acts as an insulating layer that makes it much harder for heat to transfer to the water. This means that the system must use more energy or fuel, and you may not get the level of hot water you expect any longer. Eventually, the tank can overheat, which could wear away the protective lining in the tank allowing it to rust. Delaying service often means paying more later on for your total energy and fuel costs or to replace your water heater sooner than expected. A technician can flush your water heater so that it is able to heat more efficiently and inspect your system for damage, so call in a local professional today.

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