Can You Fix A Water Heater On Your Own?

You might have been able to fix the broken screen door to the back porch or that drafty window in the living room, but some repairs are better left to professionals. Repairing a water heater is one of those—in part due to the years of training, many plumbers go through to do the job right, but also for your own safety. We’ve got some more information on that topic for you, and our technicians are happy to take your call if you need to know more.


One of the main reasons to leave this job up to a professional is your safety. The chances of the tank overheating or of a gas leak resulting from a careless repair are too high to risk. There is also the potential danger of electrical shock or a burn if you don’t take the right precautions before servicing the system.

Performance and Efficiency

Another thing you should consider is that attempting to fix a water heater on your own could lead to problems with the efficiency and performance of your hot water system. Using the wrong materials to fix the system or changing the settings could lead to reduced efficiency, higher bills, and an unreliable supply of hot water.

When to Call a Technician

When you notice leaks from your water heater, it’s a good idea to shut off the water and power supply to the system so that you don’t have to fear a potential burn, flood, electrical shock, or water damage. There is a water shut off valve that leads directly to the water heater above the unit. However, remember that if there is hot water on the floor, it could be upwards of 200 degrees.

Whenever you hear a noise from your system, notice leaks, or feel that you are not getting the right temperatures,call a technician so that you can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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