How To Clean Lime Scale From Plumbing Fixtures

Lime scale is a term to describe the mineral deposits that form on plumbing fixtures as water evaporates. If you’ve got “hard water,” you’re probably used to seeing these deposits on faucets, around drains, or even in your coffee maker. White or yellowish stains make your plumbing fixtures look worn down quickly, but we’ve got some advice on how to clean up these tough stains.

Cleaning Various Fixtures/Surfaces

Some items that may already be in your kitchen work well for this task. Lemon juice and vinegar are effective because they are acidic, and the acid dissolves the calcium carbonate—the deposit left behind from the minerals in your water supply. Here’s how we recommend cleaning off some of the parts of your home that may be affected by lime scale buildup:

  • Tile – This is one of the easiest surfaces to clean off. Simply scrub with a little vinegar or even some lemon juice and it should come right off.
  • Faucets and handles – Soak a paper towel and leave on the fixture, preferably overnight. After removal, scrub it clean with a brush or sponge.
  • The tap opening – Where the faucet opens up can be a little more difficult to clean. You can fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure it around the opening with a rubber band on the faucet. Or, twist half a lemon onto the tap opening to secure it into place, if possible. After removal, scrub clean.
  • Shower doors – Fill up a spray bottle with vinegar and clean.
  • Appliances – Certain appliances can be run with some vinegar inside. For example, run the washing machine on “hot” with a gallon of white vinegar (and, of course, no clothes). Run the coffeemaker with a vinegar solution inside and run it again with just water to ensure all the vinegar gets out.

Consider a Water Softener

We also recommend a water softener if you want to prevent scale buildup in the first place. A water softener helps to keep your home cleaner and, most importantly, protects your plumbing fixtures from the damage of scale buildup.

Considering a water softener in Covina, CA? Call Ace Pelizon Plumbing for installation, or contact us for more helpful advice. World class service is just around the corner!

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