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How To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal helps to protect you from a big mess in your drains and a major clog that could stop you from using your sink efficiently altogether. Take good care of your garbage disposal with our tips.

Educate Your Family Members

You cannot always help what goes down the drains, especially if you have a larger household. Make sure that people in your family know from a young age not to put wrappers and other paper or plastic products into the kitchen drains. Also, make a list of other key items to avoid. We’ll go over a few below.

Throw These Things Away

A garbage disposal makes it convenient to put things into the sink instead of into the disposal. But some items still don’t below in your drains. Throw these things away instead.

  • Fibrous Foods – Onion skins, celery, and other stringy foods could get stuck on the disposal and jam the motor.
  • Rice and Pasta – They expand in the pipes with water and block them up.
  • Egg Shells – If you can’t chew it with your teeth, it doesn’t belong with the disposal!

Have a FOG Container

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) turn into a solid goo in the pipes and create a stoppage as they restrict the volume inside. Keep a separate container nearby while you’re cooking to dump in bacon grease, cooking oil, and other substances. Throw it away in the outdoor garbage bin.

Clean It

If you want to avoid some unpleasant smells, clean your garbage disposal from time to time. Simply pour a little bit of baking soda down into the drains. Follow it up with some white vinegar from the kitchen and let it do its job.

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