Toilet Clogs 101: Using A Plunger The Right Way

It’s a household skill that can be tough to master. Sometimes, unclogging a toilet is easy, but sometimes you need to know a little something about the tools and techniques in order to do the job right every time. Learn more about your plunger in the guide below, but call a plumber if the clog is too tough to handle.

Take Action Right Away

If possible, stop the bowl from filling up again as soon as you’ve noticed it’s starting to clog. This way, you won’t have to worry about the bowl overflowing as it fills back up. Begin by opening up the top of the tank (the top part of the toilet) and push down on the flapper, if you can. You may also want to shut off the water valve, although you’ll want to flush after you unclog the drain.

Choose the Right Plunger

When picking out a plunger specifically for the toilet, choose one with an extra cup around the bottom. This tightens the seal within the plunger, though your basic dowel and cup type of plunger may be good for a sink.

Use the Right Technique

Now it’s time to work on your technique. What most people don’t think of is that the effort you take to pull the plunger up is just as important as the effort you use to push down. First, you must form a very good seal that won’t break loose easily.

Push down forcefully, and pull up quickly, without breaking the seal you’ve formed. If water starts to drain from the toilet, you’ve done your job and can give it a flush. If you cannot resolve the issue, it’s time to call in a plumber.

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