How Can Hard Water Ruin Your Plumbing System?

Hard water can be an annoyance. White chalky residue coats your drains and builds up around your faucet. The minerals in hard water—like calcium—also stop soap from dissolving, which means soap residue ends up in the tub or on clothing after a laundry cycle. You’re also likely to notice water spots on dishes, and many people report oily hair or skin after a shower.

But these aren’t even the biggest problems associated with this particular plumbing issue. Hard water—something that causes your water supply to have high levels of minerals—can actually ruin your plumbing when they get left behind (mineral deposits).

How Hard Water Ruins Your Pipes

The mineral deposits left over from the hard water can build up inside of your pipes. Slowly, the volume is reduced in the pipes. Your water pressure begins to drop. And eventually, you might not get enough water coming through the pipes at all. You’ll have to replace your piping long before you should have, and this is a hassle no one wants to deal with.

The same can actually happen for your plumbing fixtures. Your kitchen sink faucet can get clogged up, the dishwasher may have a low volume of water coming into it, and it can ruin the piping behind your washing machine. It can destroy a water heater and speed up corrosion!

What to Do about Hard Water

We recommend whole-home water softener systems to many customers.

  • These use a tank with a salt solution to replace the minerals with a very small amount of salt (not enough to have any health effects for most people).
  • You may notice a major difference in your daily cleaning routine and the cleanliness of dishes and clothing.
  • More importantly, you likely won’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on plumbing replacements any time soon.

Call Ace Pelizon Plumbing today for plumbing and water softener services in Glendora, CA. World class service is just around the corner!

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