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4 Steps To Take To Fix A Leak Underneath The Sink

Plumbers get a lot of calls about leaks underneath the sink, in part because this type of leak is one you can detect without any special equipment. If you notice leaking, it may be best to leave the job up to a professional—but you may want to try some things first. Check out our advice and know what to do if you see water seeping out under the sink.

Dry the Area Completely

Unfortunately, you often don’t notice leaks until they’ve already done some damage. Still, it’s very important to do what you can to protect your home from additional water damage or mold growth. Make sure the area is completely dry. Grab a bucket to catch the additional drips. Inspect the area and take any steps you need for mold remediation.

Assess The Leak

Is it coming from the water supply pipe? Or the drain line? If you only notice leaking when you use the sink, the drain line is likely to blame. If it’s a constant drip, it’s probably from the water supply—which is always under pressure.

Fix A Water Supply Leak

The water-supply line leak may be something you can fix with a little bit of elbow grease. The leak may be coming from the shut-off valve. In this case, it could be that the compression fittings need tightening. You can try tightening it using a wrench to adjust the nut and another to hold the valve in place.

When To Call A Plumber

While you could try sealing up other types of leaks with a plumber’s putty, this isn’t always a great fix. A plumber can help you to solve the problem permanently when simply tightening something with a wrench can’t do the trick.

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