The Best Tools For Drain Cleaning

The sewer system: it’s not something that brings up a pleasant image in your head. You hope to avoid dealing with problems with the sewer line for as long as you can. But when your drains are moving along at a snail’s pace, it’s not something you can ignore.

From time to time, you’ll need the main line that leads waste out of the home completely cleared out. This helps to free up your drains so that simply washing your hands won’t cause the sink to fill up all of a sudden, and doing the dishes isn’t such a chore.

But what should you use to clear out your drains? If it’s a small clog, the standard sink plunger might easily do the trick. But anything more severe that blocks up the mainline requires the help of a professional technician.

The Problem With Home Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Many people turn to drain cleaning chemicals they can find easily on store shelves. The problem is that these do a lot of damage to people and objects.

  • They are extremely toxic, and should not go anywhere near the skin or eyes.
  • They even damage the pipelining, wearing it away faster and potentially leading to premature plumbing renovations.

In fact, they often don’t really work the way you’d expect. Drain cleaning chemicals are supposed to dissolve certain organic substances. But they work better with some substances than with others and often end up simply pushing clogs further along down the drain line.

Professional Drain Cleaning That Really Works

When you have a major clog in the sewer line, you need professional drain cleaning tools. Our go-to drain cleaning tools?

  • Video pipe inspection – This way, we can see the problem and determine whether standard drain cleaning is in order or if some other action needs to be taken, like removing tree roots.
  • Drain augers/snakes – Drain snakes and drain augers typically either break up the clog, sending it out to the sewer, or allow plumbers to pull clogs out from an access point.
  • Hydro jetting – This is when a thin, high-pressure hose is used to blast clogs and residue from the drains and send them out to the sewer line. It’s highly effective and can safeguard your pipes from clogs for a long time to come.

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