Why You Need To Test Your Backflow Preventer

Backflow prevention devices can be found on most commercial properties in most parts of the United States. Many residential properties have these devices outside of the property too. And if you’re the owner of a property with a large backflow preventer on site, you are usually required to have annual testing.

You may be wondering: what’s so important about this service anyway? We’ll tell you more below. Call our certified backflow specialists for more information.

What A Backflow Preventer Does

A backflow prevention device is used to prevent water from flowing backward through the plumbing system. As you know, water is only supposed to move one way, from the public supply to the pipes in your home to the faucet. If water were to flow in the other direction, it might not be a big deal—or it might suck up some contaminants and bring those along too.

Backflow can occur when there is a change in the pressure of the water supply. If a fireman used a nearby fire hydrant, for instance, there could be an instance of backflow. And if there were a hose leading into a chemical tank on your property, those chemicals could also get sucked up into the water supply. In other words, you could potentially put the entire town at risk. Thankfully, your backflow preventer stops this.

Get Backflow Testing As Needed

Your municipality likely has specific instructions for how often you need to get your backflow preventer tested, but it’s probably annually. Follow these instructions to keep your property’s plumbing system from contaminating the public supply.

A technician will check your backflow prevention assembly and may potentially report a problem back to you. You can get the issue fixed as soon as possible and pass inspection, keeping your property from becoming a major public safety hazard.

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