Sewer Line Replacement – Testimonial From Shawn A.

Problems with your sewer line can be a real concern for homeowners. Not only are sewer line problem vastly inconvenient but they can also cause damage to your house and yard. There is especially the danger of a slab leak, which is when water gets under the concert slab foundation. At its worst, a slab leak can compromise the structural integrity of your house. The symptoms can be easily overlooked; they include damp spots on your floor and sudden settling of your foundation.

When you suspect something is wrong with your sewer or water line, call a plumber immediately. And if you want someone to get the job done right, contact Ace Pelizon! Here is what Shawn in La Verne wrote to us about his sewer line repair:

We had a sewer line break that lead to a slab leak. I called on two plumbers; one for an estimate and one for a second opinion. The second plumber actually referred us to Ace Pelizon Plumbing after seeing the kind of work needed. And he was right, Kevin and Eddie were professional, they had great attitudes and were very knowledgeable. They answered every question I had and left me with plenty of confidence that it would be done right.

– Shawn A. – La Verne

Be sure to take care of any slab leak problems quickly before serious damage is caused to your home. Whatever you need to pay to get it fixed now is going to be less than what you will have to pay to fix the leak and repair structural damage.

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