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Is Your Water Safe To Drink?

Municipal water treatment processes remove a number of contaminants from the community’s water supply. Many people assume that their tap water is safe to drink, and for the most part this is true in the U.S. But in some instances, there are additional contaminants in the water in your pipes that the water treatment process cannot address. In this case, additional protection may become necessary, and a professional can help you find a home water treatment system that fits your needs.

Community Water Treatment May Not Solve Everything

There are several steps in the municipal water treatment process intended to make the community tap water safe. The two main stages are filtration and disinfection. These processes are thorough, and the water is frequently tested and retested, but it’s important to note that water may pick up additional contaminants along the path to your home.

Some specific contaminants aren’t targeted during the filtration process, and these may make the water taste bad or they could potentially have health effects, especially for those with immune system disorders. There is still a possibility that lead, arsenic, and other harmful contaminants are in your water, but you won’t find out unless you get it tested.

There are a few signs that your water may not be safe. Bad tastes, smells, and a cloudy appearance are some of the reasons people decide to test their water. But this isn’t the only reason to do so. You can call in a professional if someone in your home has health problems or even if you just want the peace of mind of knowing what goes into the water you drink.

Why risk your health for any longer? Call a plumber who offers water testing as part of their services. Your local water treatment expert should discuss the results with you in detail and help you to find a whole-home or point-of-use water treatment system to install in your plumbing system.

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