What To Do When Your Garbage Disposal Breaks

One of the most useful tools in your kitchen is the garbage disposal, able to ease your workload when cooking and cleaning and to save you from taking out the trash so frequently. If your garbage disposal breaks, you may not have to reach for the phone right away. Here’s what to do (and what we think you should avoid) in case the garbage disposal is not working.

What to Check

Before you reach for the phone, you might want to take a look at these possibilities. But if you cannot solve the problem in these steps, it’s best to contact a professional ASAP.

  • Try the reset button: The reset button underneath your unit (under the sink) may have popped out. All you have to do is press it back in and try again!
  • Check the power: Is the unit plugged in? Or is the power out in your entire kitchen? Try resetting the circuit breaker if this is the case.

What We Recommend Against

It’s dangerous to put your hand into the garbage disposal. We strongly recommend that you never do this, or try using a broom handle if you believe the flywheel is stuck. But remember that you do not want to do more damage to the garbage disposal, resulting in costly repairs for something that may be a quick fix for a plumber. If you cannot contact a plumber right away we recommend using a drain cover and avoiding putting food in the sink to prevent a major drain clog.

Calling a Plumber

In many cases, calling a plumber is simply the best option when it comes to repairing a garbage disposal unit. Your plumber has the tools to disassemble the garbage disposal and repair the problem with speed and accuracy. If the garbage disposal does need replacement, the process will be a lot easier with the help of a professional.

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