How To Tell If Your Pipes Are Wearing Out

We recommend to homeowners that, if possible, they replace their pipes well before they break apart, allowing water leaks on the property. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars renovating a home struck with water damage. And you also don’t want to have to deal with the time and hassle of repairing or replacing a piping system when you are not prepared to.

We believe that you spend some time looking around for the signs that your plumbing system might not be in the best condition, as you want to schedule a replacement as early on as you can—without replacing them unnecessarily. Call an honest local plumber for leak detection services, and follow our list to determine if your pipes might be ready to go.

  • Any sign of leakage – Any signs that your pipes have been leaking, such as water spots on the wall or ceiling, should be taken seriously. Something this severe can result in costly renovations and, most likely, a replacement of a large portion of your piping. Also look for any moisture around the perimeter of home, the sound of rushing water under the property, and low water pressure.
  • Signs of corrosion – Corrosion is a result of rust that forms over time due to the reaction of water, oxygen, and metal. Once the pipes begin to rust, there’s no stopping the corrosion that follows, and you need to replace the pipes before they break. Any sign of flaking, discoloration in the water, and wear and tear in the pipes could indicate a need for replacement.
  • Age of pipes – It might be time to look up some of the history on your home and find out just how old your pipes are. If they’re over about 50 years of age, it’s a good idea to schedule annual inspections to see about their condition, or schedule replacement to prevent unexpected pipe breaks.

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