Why Are My Drains Gurgling?

You don’t expect to ever hear from the pipes behind your walls and underneath your floors. But even without any moving parts, there are a few sounds common to plumbing systems that may come as a surprise when they occur.

Water hammer, a loud banging sound from the water pipes, happens when the pipes lose some air cushion. You might hear a sound of rushing water under the floors if you have a slab leak. But one of the issues that can be tougher to diagnose, at first, is a gurgling noise.

So what can it mean? Why do your pipes sound like their struggling to do a simple job, move wastewater down the drains?

  • Blocked vent pipe. Your drain and sewer system is a bit more complex than you might guess. Sewage would have trouble moving down the drain with ease if there were nowhere for air to vent. Vents lead from the sewer pipes out of your home and up through the roof. If these become either clogged or blocked off at the roof, it could force sewer gas to gurgle back up through the pipes, and you may even have to smell it.
  • Clogged drain. If there’s a big chunk of blockage in the drains, you might hear a gurgling sound as sewage struggles to move down the drain. You might be able to fix the problem with a drain auger or a plunger, or you might have to call in a professional.
  • Obstructed sewer line – The problem might be further along in the pipes than you’d guess. The sewer line could develop an obstruction thanks to standard clogging that collects far along in the drains over time. Or, it could be due to a rupture, often because of a tree root infiltration. This will require a major repair, so call a plumber if your drains are not working smoothly.

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