How To Know When Your Plumbing Needs Replacement

If your plumbing system is not working properly, you hope that the problem can be resolved quickly, and without too much cost. However, if you don’t get the services you need, your pipes and fixtures may cause a lot more trouble later on. Sometimes, replacing your pipes, water heater, toilet, or other fixtures simply makes the most sense. In the following guide, we help you understand when the parts of your plumbing system may need replacement and when repairs might not do the trick.

Older Galvanized Steel Pipes

Galvanized steel was a common piping material used for plumbing installation before the 1960s, but that’s no longer the case. Eventually, the galvanized layer wears away and can corrode, quickly. If you have decades-old galvanized steel piping on your property, it may be due for a leak any time now.

Frequent Leaks or Corrosion

When your plumbing system is leaking, it might be easy to repair. A leaky valve on a water heater or the back of a toilet often just needs replacement. Sometimes, leaks just call for a plumber to replace a small portion of your piping, replace a wax seal, or tighten some bolts.

But if your plumbing system has started to corrode, plumbing leaks become a lot more common. And at this point, it just makes sense to replace the pipes. You would spend more money over time patching up the leaky pipes than on replacing them all at once.

You should also replace a fixture that leaks too much or too frequently (like a sink faucet), as this is often the easiest choice. And when a toilet or water heater leaks from the bottom, there’s no coming back. A replacement is your only safe bet.

Plumbing Components Are No Longer Practical

A final reason to replace parts of your plumbing system: you’re sick and tired of the old components! This may be because they are worn down or discolored. You might feel like your older toilet wastes a lot of water. Or maybe you just need a bigger sink or taller faucet to help make cleaning and cooking more productive.

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