How Trenchless Pipe Replacement Works

A broken sewer line is something you never hope to deal with. The sewer line that runs from your drainage system out to the city’s sewer main (or to a septic tank, depending on your location) is durable, but there comes a point in any pipe’s lifespan when it needs replacement.

It’s a frustrating, time-consuming, and potentially smelly problem. But a qualified plumber can help you to get through it faster. When you call somebody who offers trenchless pipe replacement, the timespan for the job is cut down and you don’t have to worry about your yard getting torn to shreds. Learn how it works by calling a technician or reading the brief overview below.

Trenchless Equipment

Not all plumbers use trenchless technology to repair sewer pipes. It requires access to costly equipment, and the know-how to use it. By the old-fashioned method, which many still use, plumbers have to dig a very large trench in your yard spanning the length of your sewer pipe.

But with trenchless technology, you only need to dig two holes. Hydraulic equipment enters the sewer pipe from one end of the pipe, where it meets your home. A new pipe lining is fed through the old damaged pipe.

The New Pipe Lining

The goal is to line the inside of the old pipe with a new material so that the pipe is completely resealed. The new pipe lining should hold up as effectively as regular piping. The deflated lining is coated with an adhesive. It is then fed through the old pipe, and slowly deflated once it’s in place. After it dries, they can reseal the pipe and fill the hole. In most cases, the new pipe liner holds up for decades. But you need to find experts who perform this service first and foremost.

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