How To Stop A Flooding Plumbing System

If a pipe bursts suddenly or a fixture overflows, will you know what to do? It’s important to have a plan in place so that you and your family members know just what to do as water is spilling onto the floors. You don’t want to risk thousands of dollars in damages to flooring or potential mold and mildew development. Follow our advice, and be sure to know the locations of the shut-off valves in your home so that you can stop the flooding fast.

Know the Locations of All Shut-Off Valves

Take inventory now. Knowing the location of your shut-off valves can help save you a lot of stress when something goes wrong with your plumbing system. And if you’re missing a shut-off valve, call a plumber and have one installed!

  • Whole-House Water Shutoff Valve – There are a few different places you might find your water shutoff valve. It’s likely on the side of the water meter. However, it could be in the basement, on a wall, or in a meter compartment at the edge of your property.
  • Water Heater Shutoff – Your water heater shutoff should be located near the unit. If not, call a technician to install one.
  • Toilet – This one’s important. The valve underneath the toilet comes in handy if you flush your toilet and it starts to overflow.
  • Sinks – These are typically found in the cabinet under the sink, or closer to the wall if you have a pedestal sink.
  • Appliances – Your clothes washer and dishwasher should have a shutoff valve as well. You might find a dishwasher shutoff under the sink. And you’re likely to find the clothes washer shutoff right where the pipes meet the home’s supply.

Have Your Plumber’s Number Handy

You might be surprised to hear that many plumbers offer 24-hour emergency services so that you can have fresh, cold and hot water restored to your home. This isn’t something you can go without! Make sure you have the number of a plumber you trust ready in case of an emergency.

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