How Do I Test My Backflow Device?

You’ve learned that you need to have backflow testing, but is there a way you can do it on your own? The simple answer is no, you cannot. But if you want to learn more about what it takes to test a backflow assembly, and why it’s so important that you call a technician for this annual service, read on and contact our professional team.

Why Backflow Devices Need Testing

A backflow device—the large plumbing fixture often found towards the edge of a property—is a sturdy piece of equipment. But it can fail, at some point in its life, and it must be fixed in a timely manner if it does.

  • Annual backflow testing is necessary because, in most parts of the country, it’s a requirement for most commercial properties.
  • Backflow devices help to prevent backflow—which may contain contaminated sources of water. If there were a sudden drop in the public supply’s water pressure, sources of contamination such as boiler tanks, chemical tanks, or pesticide water around sprinkler systems, could get sucked into the public supply, making people ill.

You need someone to check your backflow device each year to make sure water can only flow in one direction.

Finding the Right Contractor For Backflow Testing

In Los Angeles County, backflow testers must be certified with the LA County Department of Public Health. And many counties have similar regulations in place. If a plumber is not properly certified, you should not hire them.

  • For one thing, the local authorities may take issue with this and require you to have backflow testing completed again, and this time from a certified plumber. In some areas, you could even face a fine.
  • But also, your average plumber may not be up to date on the tools and processes of testing a backflow device. Make sure the job is done properly by hiring certified backflow testers!

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